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Folk meets Hip-Hop meets EDM, We are a duo from Seattle formed in 2009. We play music, make videos, host a podcast and have fun! We are both inspired by electronic music and the sounds that come from an acoustic guitar, vocals, harmonicas, bass drums, snare drums and high hats. We mash all that up and see what comes out.


theZim - Vocals, Guitar, Harmonica, Programming


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Arock Arock -Drums & Ableton

Guest Musicians who have played shows with us in the past:
Terry Kingen - Guitar
Sabu Miyata - Bass
Kent Halvorsen - Vocals, and Keys
Annie Jantzer - Vocals, and Flute
Matthew Cherkasky - Bass


"It is difficult to define the genre that theZim fits into but it really doesn’t matter the passion is there and so are the chops" - Nada Staff February 18th, 2015 (nadamucho.com)

"Zim’s often catchy yet meaningful lyrics, combined with bouncy guitar licks and an occasional blast from his harmonica, offer the audience an energetic set. It’s difficult not to share the enthusiasm and excitement he so obviously has while performing. Zim is joined by the drummer with the best posture, Arock, who supplies the steady rhythm and witty banter that makes this duo unique." - Jodi Kaufer (seattleshowgal.com)

"Seattle’s dynamic duo...Energetic and just-the-right length tunes keep theZim & Arock’s sets moving at a swift pace and it won’t be long before you find yourself tapping your foot over bobbing your head right along with these boys"- Jodi Kaufer (seattleshowgal.com)

"Trying to pull off a great sound, recorded or live, with only two people is no simple task, but these guys do it with ease. The Zim tends to keep the guitar work pretty simple to leave room for his lyrics. The beat sits nicely on top of the sound and rides the wave back and forth from simple to complex. It’s really good stuff." - Billy McManus (seattleshowgal.com)

"theZim & Arock have been playing around for years. A fantastic singer/songwriter/composer theZim brings his own style of folk-rock-pop and with his witty between-song banter its entertaining every time" - Caleb Arnold (seattleshowgal.com)

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