Alexander Zimmerman

Artist Statement

My name is Alexander Zimmerman I am a MFA candidate at San Diego State University School of Art and Design. I started at SDSU in the fall of 2019. I define myself as a creative, I am an artist, musician, podcaster, video producer, father and more. I received my BFA in fiber arts from the University of Washington. My art and objective in my first year as a graduate candidate was “discovery”.  Discovery, along with the idea of self-portrait are probably the most unifying themes. The work in my second year has been concerned and effected by the pandemic, social justice, and the presidential election. The work in this portfolio was solely created during the time I have been in graduate school.


Spring 2021

March 2020 - March 2021

Drawing inspired by the people thoughts and ideas I have been surrounded and influenced by through the first year of the pandemic and social distancing.

2021, paper, ink. 126"x96"

Blue Lives Matter?

Installation inspired by the heroic actions of Eugene Goodman during the capital riots and insurrection.

2021, paper, ink, string, projections.

Fall 2020

What It Means For My Daughter

Installation inspired by the election of Kamala Harris as the first woman vice president of the United States.

2020, paper, ink, string. 40"x48"x16"

Letters to Orion and Jayden

Due to the limitations presented by the pandemic I have not been able to be with my kids as much as I used to. I wrote them letters and put them inside of these masks.

2020, fabric, paper.


Installation inspired by the murder of George Floyd by police.

2020, paper, ink, video projection.

***Note this was a temporary installation for a school critique.

for scale


Installation and video inspired by the pandemic, social justice, and the presidential election.

2020, paper, ink, string, video.


I Won't Be Afraid To Speak Against Racism

Installation inspired by my drawings and tunnel books

2020, paper, ink, string.

Racism Is A White Man's Problem


2020, paper, ink, 7" x 5" x 4".

Daily Drawings Year 2

During the first year of graduate school I did 211 drawings. I am continued doing daily drawings my second year of graduate school. I am using bigger paper and incorporating brush and ink as well as pen. The daily drawing practice stopped near the end of my first semester of my second year.

2020-present, paper, ink, 14" x 17".

Gallery of most drawings, and prints available at
Visit @_theZim on Instagram for documentation of drawings.

Summer 2020

Made In America

This piece started during spring semester after San Diego State University campus closed due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Since that time more has happened in the world most notably the murder of George Floyd. These “Made In America” masks are designed to share with you the concepts and ideas that I have been exposed to and reflecting on over the past few months. I feel there are a lot of problems with our society especially as it relates to the pandemic and social justice. I also feel there are an equal amount and possibly more solutions to these problems. I want to express and share both what I see as problems and what I see as solutions.

2020, video.


More about this piece can be found here.


It Will All Work Out

The "It Will All Work Out" video serves three main purposes. One is I wanted to respond to the current moment our society is going through. I wanted to try to express through art how I am feeling about the Covid-19 pandemic, Black Lives Matter, and the current administration. Another purpose is I want to make sure that the limitations of accessing society due to the Covid-19 pandemic does not stop my ability to make art and continue my pursuits as a graduate student at San Diego State University. Presenting work in a format designed for the internet has always been important to me, and now, even more so. The third main purpose is to continue the investigation of how to use video through my practice as an artist.

2020, video.

Video Stills


Fall 2019 - Spring 2020

Self-Portrait (with exaggerated quality)

This video was my first assignment in graduate school. I was given 24 hours to create a self-portrait with and exaggerated quality. I chose to do a video because I want to make video an important part of my artistic process. The exaggerated quality is the exaggeration of time and sound. It was shown as a projection in the SDSU student exhibition. The idea of the self-portrait has informed most of my work since I made this.

2019, video.


Video Stills


Poster For Graphic Design Festival Scotland

This poster was a 48 hour assignment. I was tasked to create a poster and submit it to the Graphic Design Festival Scotland. I did not want to create the poster in a computer so I bought colored paper and made cut outs.

2019, paper, cardboard, 23" x 33".


Make Something Big (Post-it Mural)

This was a 24 hour assignment to create something big.

2019, post-it notes, size unk.


Self Portrait #2

This video is a follow up to the first Self-Portrait video. More exploration with the use of video. This video includes music and narration. It was installed as a projection in a exhibition in The Everett Gee Jackson Gallery at SDSU.

2019, video.


Video Stills

6 Word Poster

I was tasked to create a 6 word poster to convey what I was affected by through my education in my first semester. I did not want to use a computer to create it so I made a 3 dimensional poster out of paper. I also created a second poster out of the stencil that was created from cutting the first poster.

Due to quarantine this video is the only record I currently have of the piece.

2019, paper, spray paint, size unk.


Daily Drawings Year 1

During the first year of graduate school I did 211 drawings. When I started these drawings I wanted to find a way to actively engage with my pursuits as a student on a daily basis. It took me most of the first semester to develop a consistent routine. My goal is to draw daily for the entire time I am in graduate school. The meaning of these drawings have evolved since I started. Currently they are a physical representation of the time I am in graduate school. They also represent; labor, artistic pushups, endurance, discovery, self-portraits, fatherhood, days in quarantine, and more.

2019-2020, paper, ink, 9" x 12" and 11" x 14".

Gallery of all 211 drawings, and prints available at

Daily Videos

The start of of spring semester 2020 I wanted to explore the idea of the self-portrait in video form again so I started doing daily videos. I gave myself a few constraints to work with. They could only be a minute long, they only happened Monday-Friday, and I could not "set up" too many shots. I needed to find a way to create them without them taking a long time. It took me most of the semester to find a process that worked for me. I've settled on a technique of cutting one second segments for 60 seconds, creating bed music, including text and narration. I try to not let the imagery, text, and narration relate directly to each other.

2020, video.

Video Stills


Tunnel Books

Often my tunnel books are a sort of artistic decompression. I don't always make them to contain layers of meaning. I create them because they are fun. They also represent a form of documentation. They are made from found objects.

found objects, post cards, flyers.

2019, California 7" x 5" x 4".

2020, SDSU Downtown Gallery 5" x 7" x 4".

2020, MHTB 6" x 4" x 3"


Quarantine Mirror, Wood Tunnel Books

I was tasked to make an entryway mirror. The project was interrupted by campus closing due to Covid-19. The original concept was to use wood to make a tunnel book. I could not complete the project as intended so I switched to making the internal panels out of paper and ink to tie them to my drawings. These are a reflection on my relationship with my children. They have been gifted to my children.

2020, walnut wood, paper, ink, acrylic mirror, 8" x 5.5" x 5.25".


Covid - 19 Masks

These masks were my first attempt to respond to the emotions, ideas, and thoughts regarding Covid-19.

2020, cotton, ribbon, approximately 8" x 3".



MFA Chronicles Podcast

This podcast is an exploration of my artistic process through conversations with other artist.

2020 - present, podcast, audio.

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