14 Days 14 Portraits
Ink, Paper, Oil

This is a series of portraits based on people who influence and/or inspire me. They were all done in 14 days in a row and are all available as livestreams on my youtube channel.

These images are also availabe as NFT’s https://rarible.com/thezim/

NFT description on the listings:

This NFT was drawn by Zim as part of a 14 day livestream endurance piece called "14 Days 14 Portraits". These 14 portraits are of people that influence and inspire Zim. You can find the livestreams on YouTube.com/thezimvideo. Link to playlist of all 14 days: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLfofppTiRUZxh-sTfOCHAoQevFDq0NjZnThe original art is 72"x42", Done in ink and oil on paper.

The first owner of this NFT has the option to request the original artwork. If the first owner does not want the original artwork it will be offered to future owners of the NFT until it is claimed. the artist will assume expense of shipping the original artwork.

Every unique owner of this NFT is eligible to receive the following (all three):
• One drawing lesson from Zim, can be used for private lesson or a class. One session up to 3 hours.
• You can book Zim for an interview up to 2 hours in length.
• You can book Zim for an artist talk up to 1 hour in length.

If travel is required, the offers are only available within the continental United States. The owner of the NFT is responsible for any expense i.e. transportation, lodging, etc. All expenses will be paid in advance, with proof of payment. If the artist feels his health and safety will be compromised, he has the right to forfeit the offers.

No offer is valid until agreed upon by the artist prior to the use of the offers.

These offers are only valid while in possession of the NFT. If you sell the NFT before using these offers you are no longer eligible to use them. If you use the offers and you repurchase this or any NFT from this collection with the same offer you are no longer entitled to the offers. Only one use per unique owner of the NFT.

All offers are contingent on availability, schedule, health, and safety of the artist.

All offers are valid as long as the artist is in good health and has the ability to fulfill the agreement.

Half the profit from the original sale, and half the royalties from future sales of this NFT will be donated to the Clean Air Task Force, https://www.catf.us/.