The Face of America
Jackson Gallery San Diego State University
September 2021

The Face of America is a journey through the first two years of my MFA career at San Diego State University. I wanted to share a look at where my work started and what I am currently researching.

Although process is present in my work it was also important to me to convey a message and give deeper meaning to my practice. When the world shut down due to the pandemic, I did not shut down with it. I saw this moment in time as an opportunity to reflect and react to what was happening around me. I started to research everything ranging from politics to social justice to the rise of Tiktok.

With my latest works, the American Hero series, I wanted to document the unfolding of current events through my own lens, highlighting figures I felt were leaving an indelible mark on society. I hope to reach a wider audience with my message and ideas by performing live “artstreams,” accessible on my YouTube channel. I plan to evolve this practice while continuing to research the cross section of mark-making, the internet, and activism.